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3rd Generation Bear

Dropout Bear is an anthropomorphic bear that Kanye West used for his album art.

First Appearance[]

The Dropout Bear, designed by Sam Hansen, first appeared on the album cover for The College Dropout. He also appears on the album cover for Late Registration (2005), Late Orchestration (2006) and album art for Graduation (2007). After being gone in 2008 for "808s & Heartbreak" he came back in 2010 for an alternative cover for "My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy". After My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy the beloved Dropout Bear became retired due to the bear not appearing on really anything after 2010. The dropout bear was going to be on “Good Ass Job”, but the album got scrapped. The Bear acted as a metaphor of a sort of innocence for the collegiate Kanye and following Graduation it didn't return on the main album art of a Kanye West album as a result of Kanye "Graduating."

Come back of Dropout Bear[]


In June 26, 2020, A trailer for the new animated show for "KIDS SEE GHOSTS", featured Dropout bear, now with a new name, "Kanye Bear" & Kid Cudi's character "Kid Fox".



The Design of Dropout Bear changed dramatically of the years.

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