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JESUS IS KING: The Dr. Dre Version, also known as JESUS IS KING II or JESUS IS LORD, is a cancelled studio album collaboration between Kanye West and Dr. Dre. As the name implies, it bears some relation to Ye's ninth studio album Jesus Is King (2019), primarily by having reworked versions of songs from that project.[1]

On several occasions, Ye has teased the album as being titled Jesus Is King Part II (shortened as Jesus Is King II, JIIK, or JIK 2) or Jesus Is Lord. The album was first announced in November 2019, and has been seemingly abandoned.[2] Unlike most other unreleased albums from Ye's catalog, JESUS IS LORD has no direct successor. However, the album was being worked on concurrently with God's Country, and it can be assumed that the album was scrapped in favor of the aforementioned album and / or DONDA: WITH CHILD.

On September 25, 2023, a full copy of the album would leak online after a groupbuy for $1000. The copy which leaked was intended for release on WESTDAYEVER, dating it around late June to early July 2020.


2019-2020: Peak time[]

On November 18, 2019, less than one month after the release of Jesus Is King, Ye shared a tweet that read, "Ye and Dre Jesus is King Part II coming soon."[3][4] On January 16 of the following year, a Dr. Dre-produced version of "Up From The Ashes" allegedly leaked.[5] While the song was released as part of Donda in 2021, it was not the Dr. Dre version. "LA Monster" leaked two months later, leading to some speculation that it was part of the Part II album.[6] That song has yet to release.

Hope for the album was reinvigorated in June 2020 when Ye tweeted "JESUS IS KING DR. DRE VERSION," implying that it would come soon.[7] Later that same month, Snoop Dogg shared a video of Ye and Dr. Dre in the studio.[8] The last mention of the album by Ye was him thanking Eminem for hopping on the remix for "Use This Gospel" later that same year.[9] That remix ended up being released in 2022, a month before Ye posted about the collaboration again.

2021-present: Abandonment[]

A track titled "This Is The Glory," produced by Dre, appeared in a 2021 advert for Beats by Dr. Dre starring athlete Sha'Carri Richardson.[10] The advertisement premiered in the early leadup to Donda's release.

On the album's release, producer Dem Jointz voiced his doubts in a September 2020 interview with Revolt[11]:

I highly doubt it’ll be released at this point. I don’t think it’s hitting the streets. I think Kanye is excited about different things right now. I think he might be working on something else. I’m not 100% sure.

At the time, Ye was presumably working on his tenth album Donda, his presidential campaign, Yeezy Christian Academy, Yeezy merch, and other endeavors.

Some events had also greatly affected Dr. Dre in 2021. On January 5, 2021, it was reported that he had a brain aneurysm.[12][13] While he was at a local hospital, his home was burglarized.[14] His marriage was also failing, with his separation from Nicole Young being formalized in an agreement that December. Dre went on to host a "Divorced AF" party not long after.[15]

The Dr. Dre-produced remix to "Use This Gospel" was released as part of DJ Khaled's 13th album God Did (2022). In the wake of Ye terminating Yeezy's relationship with fashion retailer GAP, Ye posted an image that read "Jesus is Lord" with a subtitle reading "Ye ✝ Dre." The post came with no further explanation, and it can be assumed that it was an album cover for the Ye x Dre collab. The cover was clearly from later in the album's development as it has a similar style cover to "Wash Us In The Blood".[16]

The album seems to have never been brought up again by Ye or Dre after this, and it was assumed to be completely canceled.

2023: Leak[]

A shining blue orb, against a blue background

Cover for the album dated June 26, 2020, possibly intended for release.

On September 25, 2023, a blind groupbuy occured priced at $1000. Upon completion, the contents were revealed to be a full copy of Thank God For Drugs, as well as a full copy of JESUS IS KING: The Dr. Dre Version. This leak would recieve significant media attention in contrast to past leaks, given it was a full copy of an album of which very few tracks had leaked in the past.

The aforementioned Kanye tweet from June 26, 2020, was likely referring to this copy of the album which would have been released that day.

Although the version that leaked was completely ready for release, work continued on the album after its missed release date as mentioned earlier.


Based on the WESTDAYEVER leaked copy.

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