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Man Across The Sea is an ostensible studio album attributed to Kanye West, mysteriously appearing on Google on or before May 10, 2023, with an alleged release date of May 20, 2023. This album quickly became a source of internet legend due to the grandiose nature of its supposed release and the enigma surrounding its authenticity.

Album Cover[]

The so-called album cover was an image of a bear gallivanting on a snowy landscape, which was identified as a recycled piece of artwork made during the development of the 2020 version of Kanye's album DONDA. This instigated significant debate online regarding the album's legitimacy, as Kanye is well-known for his unique and bespoke album covers, raising doubts that he would reuse past art for a new project.


The supposed tracklist consisted of 15 songs, including titles such as "Schizophrenia", "Aggression", "EXISTENCIAL", "Luke's Interlude", "Fake Friends", "Domas Interlude", "PRAISE", "REJOICE", and "DEAR SUMMER". These song titles, while consistent with Kanye's lyrical themes, sparked speculation due to the inclusion of the songs "LA Monster" and "Never Forgive", which are known leaked tracks from previous album sessions.

  1. Schizophrenia
  2. Aggression
  3. Dove
  4. Never Forgive
  6. Stressing
  7. Suicide
  8. Luke's Interlude
  9. Fake Friends
  10. LA Monster
  11. You Can't Be
  12. Domas Interlude
  13. PRAISE

Release and Reception[]

Leading up to May 20, 2023, the hype around "Man Across The Sea" continued to intensify, reaching fever pitch on the day of its alleged release. However, as the day came and went without the album materializing on any music streaming platforms, fans were left in a state of confusion and disappointment.

In an extraordinary display of cognitive dissonance, some fans began to gaslight themselves into believing the album had indeed released, despite clear evidence to the contrary. This behavior was seemingly fueled by the extravagant and overblown rumors that had surrounded the album prior to its supposed release date, as well as the fans' intense desire for new music from Kanye West.

Claims were made of the album being a transcendent auditory experience, with some fans even professing to have listened to it in its entirety. Fans reported listening to tracks like "Schizophrenia", "Aggression", "Dove", and "Never Forgive" in vivid detail, describing complex and powerful lyrics that "defied human comprehension" and "changed the fabric of reality itself". In a peculiar testament to the power of collective belief, the non-existent album received critical acclaim as the "greatest Kanye album of all time."

Despite the fervor and delusions of grandeur surrounding "Man Across The Sea", the album's non-existence was eventually accepted by most. Kanye West and his team have never officially commented on the alleged album, adding another layer of mystery to this remarkable instance of collective internet folklore.

"Man Across The Sea" remains a salient reminder of the power of rumors, wishful thinking, and the profound influence of an artist such as Kanye West, whose dedicated fanbase found themselves caught in a web of their own creation, fueled by an insatiable hunger for new music.