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The Wyoming sessions is a name given to the streak of five albums released in summer 2018 that were all executively produced or by Kanye West. These albums include Pusha T's DAYTONA, Kanye's own ye, the joint album with Kid Cudi named KIDS SEE GHOSTS, Nas' NASIR, and Teyana Taylor's K.T.S.E.. Most of these projects had seven songs each.[1]

The sessions were intended to last much longer than they did, with three of the planned releases not being finished or completely untouched. Apart from the five released albums, there were intended to be Five more; a Big Sean album, a Valee project, a CyHi The Prince album, a Bump J and Sly Polaroid collaborative EP, and Good Ass Job with Chance the Rapper. The Bump and Sly Polaroid EP was slated for release but never did for unknown reasons, Big Sean had never recorded for an album and Good Ass Job was left unfinished, the Valee project wasn't worked on and were only planned, and the CyHi album only had one song worked on called You Ain't No Model.[2][3][4]

The streak can be compared to the 2010 and 2016 GOOD Friday releases as new music was regularly being released, but Ye has not done another album run as of March 2024.

"We Got Love" by Teyana Taylor was created during these sessions but not released in her album K.T.S.E.. The songs was put on some tracklists for Yandhi but saw release in her 2020 album titled The Album.[5]